Chapter 27 videos.   

welcome to BAF>                    intro to camp Sabalu-Harrison>    

sweep in progress>               conference welcome>               

almost pretty>                         mud houses>       

bagram bazaar>                        burn pit smoke>   
sniper alley drive>               surveillance balloon>       

pre-promo camera orientation>        MAJ C promo> 

inside the tent>                    first real snow>         

no snow in florida>                   christmas cigars at the fire>     

iceball fight>                            talent show christmas caroles> 

mess hall tunes & guns>             christmas parade>             

christmas parade2>                  christmas parade3>            

dressed to dance>                christmas take cover>

clinic gift exchange>                    i like it now>                            

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Chapter 28  videos.   

embassy attack drill>             embassy attack2>      

faux casualties arrive>             kuwaiti swat teams> 
wake up arifjan>                 good morning camp arifjan> 

birds doha>                      rees of arabia>   
al udeid qatar sand on oil>    arifjan from the air> 

landing ali al salim>               call to prayer kuwait city> 
call to prayer kuwait city2>     diwaniyah>         

diwaniyah2>                       inside mosque in kuwait> 
kuwait lotta nuttin'>               kuwait camels> 

dead camels by road>   

Chapter 9  boxing videos Abu Ghraib

round one of fight 
rounds two and three  

Chapter 12   videos patrol vicinity bucca

inside HUMMV>> 
iraqi strongpoint>>  
locals on the road>>   
pass dismounts >>
passing patrol   >

Chapter 23 videos:    click on the underlined word or on the URL (or cut & paste into your browser) to go to the video. 

Not to worry, most are under 30 seconds.

**Arrive & train in KAF and move to CNS:
rollover exit>

rollover keep on rollin>

rollover trainer's view>

IED lane training>    

cesspool at KAF>      

KAF to CNS with Canadians>  

road to CNS>     

waiting for IED>      

more road to CNS>     

view from CNS tower>      

water detail>  

more water detail>           

history wall>   

my crib>

pre mission briefing>    

and another>

crawling to a meal>      

line for chow>     

Dusty at CNS>       

baby handwash>     

mama's tail>

mama cat takedown>        


watermelon prep>     

IED outside gate>        

waiting for casualties>      

411th conference room>           

inside MRAP>

**Shor Andam: 

Shor Andam brief>         

briefing part 2>        


mixing with locals>    

local interested in camera>                       

crossing road to clinic>

At clinic gate>

clinic possibilities>

kids outside clinic>  

**Patrol west Kandahar and combat outpost:

where we're going>

driving in kandahar>

downtown kandahar>

motorcycle possible threat>     

walking the road>       

five meters apart>

backstreet stroll>      

pharmacy on corner>

hiking out of town>

range between us and Arghandab>

foot patrol by compounds>

knock on door after A10 strikes>   

talking with locals>

girl in alley> 

walking back to outpost>

locals walking on road>

view from atop combat outpost>  

puppy at COP>   

return to CNS>

**Sarapoza prison:


Canadians supporting prison>     

walking on prison roof>   

view of 40 steps>   

prison visit>

roof of prison>

atop roof>

atop roof with warden>   

forty steps>  

**Piro Kalocha, and neutering:   

Canadians on the road>      jingle truck> 

locals crossing field>         threats could be anywhere>    

road near strongpoint>    inside strongpoint>  

local market>                      kitty pre-op> 

kitty post-op>   

**Kandahar supported projects (mosque, midwifery school, etc.):

mosque>                                 mosque & goats>    

local gals strolling>           kid dodging traffic> 

greeting at mosque>         security at mosque>        

kids everywhere>           surrounded by kids>          

quieter part of town>          handshake>                         

poor neighborhood>         nurse & midwifery school>    

inside gun truck>              rear window>   

Kandahar University>    

**End of tour:

doggie morale booster>    awards ceremony with CSA>   

I speak cat>                               firing range>  

helicopter over range>        handgun range> 

helicopter over formation>        Ft Benning airborne training>